From the day WHAT FOR was born they have embraced the Parisian lifestyle, the way a Parisian girl walks, talks and lives her life to the beat of a different drum.

WHAT FOR has been a celebration of this youthful, free-thinking spirit since 2007.

We were born to create shoes for the girl who wants to connect her audacious soul, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The creative process behind our WHAT FOR designs is inspired by the daily lives of Parisian women, triggering dreams and ideas that are given shape and colour by our creative teams to create a style for every wish.

The WHAT FOR girl is not bound by the city limits of Paris. You can spot her in Milan, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires and anywhere else she can find inspiration. Wherever she goes, she brings her wit and style along.

  • Contemporary life style brand
  • Fashionable, playful and classy footwear collection
  • Quality, comfort and functionality
  • Fresh, emotional, affordable
  • Balanced offer of styles for every occasion of the What For girl’s life
  • High quality at reasonable prices
  • Strong connexion with consumer life
  • Incredible Style / Price / Quality / Awareness mix

 “What For” Girl :

  • Smart and creative
  • Has an individual, European and urban style
  • Pays attention to trends
  • Mixes young designers, luxury and vintage
  • Hyperactive, she composes with her different moods and activities
  • Bipolar : Wise/Wild, Girly/sporty, Pushy/Natural