All you shoelovers out there, may we have your attention?

Maria Jesus Gozalvo inherited his father ́s passion for the world of shoes and legacy of creating a brand that became a dream come true.
This is how Lola Cruz was born, enduring the tradition and story of a family dedicated to the footwear industry and fashion.

A passion for shoes, a high ability together with the ambition of improving our working processes have made our company become fully acquainted with the industry challenges of being positioned in the markets.

Design stemming from passion
Our designs are the ultimate expression of Passion for modern women, as they are independent dedicated followers of fashion. The femininity, sophistication and dynamism form part of each and every one of our fashion proposals offered by our design team upon a perfect sense of creative freedom while keeping the quintessential features of our brands.

Premium materials
Only the best materials can offer the features, comfort and durability that Navima presents in its product range.
We select the materials one by one crossing the world to nd the best tissues, soles, accessories, seams and leathers. It is the only way to manufacture a unique singular oneoff pair of shoes. 

  • Spanish designer label
  • Luxury image
  • Feminine Jewel Shoes
  • On trend and fashion forward styling ; for a women who is looking for a unique elegant and trendy style.
  • Mid-high price level
  • Premium Materials
  • Wide collection : daytime , evening, business, casual, active