Guess is one of the largest and most successful fashion brands in the world. The brand is known for its innovative, sexy and sophisticated style and has been dressing and accessorizing the world with fashion-forward apparel, handbags, watches and shoes, for years.

Guess is founded in 1981 by the four Marciano brothers; Paul, George, Maurice and Armand.
They were born in the south of France and moved afterwards to the US, California.

There, they founded a small denim company and created a sexy feminine jeans named the Marylin. The Marylin was very innovative there they used European influences combined with an American material; jeans. During those days jeans was only worn by the working class. They reworked the jeans and made a fashion item out of it.
The brand was born and the lifestyle brand GUESS enhances clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, perfumes, underwear etc.. This for women as well for men.

The GUESS image is portrayed in unforgettable campaigns that have turned the brand into a household name. Through innovative design, advertising, marketing and distribution of fashion and lifestyle products, GUESS has successfully grown into a global brand. All of these aspects have contributed to the development of apparel and accessories collections for women, men and children, making GUESS a complete lifestyle brand. GUESS is currently sold, distributed and licensed in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia in 99 countries. Within each of these regions of the world, GUESS products are found in free-standing stores, fine department stores and specialty shops. Today it’s one of the most well known brands all over the world with 1400 brandstores.

Each year GUESS spends millions of dollars advertising across the globe. Through a balance of creative innovation and inspiration from the brand’s past, GUESS advertising has made the brand one of the most recognizable on earth.  Year after year, GUESS continually graces the pages of the most influential European fashion magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Grazia, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

In 2007 they opened their headquarters in Europe to expand the brand in Europe and the Middle East. There are working over 1600 people for Guess Europe.

Looks Agencies is representing different lines within the Guess women and men collection in the Belgium and Luxemburg territory.

GUESS Accessories

  • Guess accessories is one of the world’s leading accessories brands.
  • A variety of trendy, fashionable, and sexy accessories to complement any mood.
  • Strong brand-awareness.
  • Excellent sell-through.
  • Affordable luxury.
  • Latest trends.

GUESS Footwear

  • Guess is one of today's most popular shoe brands.
  • The GUESS Footwear concept blends sophistication with elegance and luxury.
  • Sleek collection of women's shoes and heels are always edgy and stylish.
  • Fresh designs continually set them apart from other shoe brands.
  • Complete collection offer : heels, flats, boots, booties, sandals, sneakers and more.
  • Sexy , feminin and adventurous are key values.
  • Wear Guess shoes today, stand out tomorrow : footwear for the women that dare to be different.